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Kelly DeWayne Richards Headshot with Piano

Kelly DeWayne Richards


Kelly DeWayne Richards Headshot

Kelly DeWayne Richards is from Decatur, Indiana and started playing piano when he was five years old. He loved playing the piano and singing for hours everyday. He studied with piano instructor Judy Hakes Martin until 1979. During this time, he won several awards and spent five years touring with The Men’s Four Gospel Quartet. In 1980, he enrolled in Indiana University School of Music and spent the next five years pursuing a degree in music education. It was during this time that he also discovered his love of Broadway music.

In 1985, Kelly moved to Florida and started playing piano at different venues in the Orlando area. He continued his education as a voice major/piano minor at The University Of Central Florida under direction of Dr. JoAnne Stephenson. He graduated in the spring of 1998 with a 4.0. After completing his degree, he auditioned for Walt Disney World and was hired on the spot as a pianist/vocalist for the company. He continues to teach and perform at the various venues throughout central Florida, Walt Disney World locations and Performing Arts Workshop venues.

Over the past years, Kelly has performed for many of Central Florida’s television and theatrical productions. He has played for the casts of Super boy, Crazy For You, Evita, Five Guys Named Moe, Altar Boyz and others. He has also had the privilege to play for such celebrities as Paula Zahn, Steve Guttenburg, John Travolta, Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, Ann Miller and many more.

Kelly has compiled two CD’s. The first, “Affectionately Yours”, is a collection of piano solos from the Broadway musicals “Cats”, “Evita”, and the movie soundtrack from “Ice Castles”. The second CD, “The Phantom of the Palace”, is a collection of piano solos and vocals, with songs from Broadway musicals and an original composition.  


No one has said it better than music enthusiast, Robert Parr: “I am constantly amazed at his ability to play such a wide variety of music.  The technique is there - clear, precise, and right on target.  What makes Kelly exceptional is the emotion he superimposes in his technique.  He and the piano become one. The experience is one of the watching as well as listening.  He can tear you up with one song and put you back together with the next one, but something wonderful has happened in between. You are never quite the same person. You are a little better because of the experience.  Simply put, Kelly is…something special.”

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Demo Reel


Affectionately Yours Album Cover
  1. Come in from the Rain

  2. On Golden Pond

  3. Through the Eyes of Love

  4. Eighteenth Variation

  5. Somewhere in Time

  6. Don't Cry for Me Argentina

  7. Ballade pour Adeline

  8. Somewhere My Love

  9. Send in the Clowns

  10. Memory

Track List

Affectionately Yours

A Collection of Piano Solos



"I have both of Kelly DeWayne Richards CDs. I listen to them often and he is one of the finest musicians and the best pianist I have known. Both CDs are full of great music. I love hearing him play and sing. I find myself singing the songs that I know. He plays with sensitivity, feeling, and nuance which makes the music come alive! Whether I’m working on a project or just wanting to relax, his music fits the bill. I am especially impressed with the song he wrote, which is on one of the CDs. It shows just how creative he is and the song is emotional and heartfelt. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with a love of music."

- Ken Anders, Winter Garden, FL

The Phantom of the Palace CD Cover

Kelly DeWayne Richards

The Phantom of the Palace


  1. Paradise Cafe

  2. Sunset Boulevard Medley

  3. If I Sing

  4. Movie in My Mind

  5. My Favorite Year

  6. Les Miserables Medley

  7. If I Can't Love Her

  8. Moonlight Sonata

  9. This is the Moment

  10. The Phantom of the Opera - Medley

  11. *Bonus Track - My Heart Eternally Belongs to You


"Many times we stayed at the Buena Vista Palace and many times we enjoyed the music of Kelly DeWayne Richards, So much that we purchased both of his CDs and brought them back to the UK. This must’ve been 10 years ago and we still play them regularly. We play his music and reminisce of the happy hours we spent in his company. He is a gifted man that still gives us so much pleasure."

Track List

- Brian Craggs,  Le Spring,  England

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